Lauren Little is a 4.3 GPA student, currently ranked 5th in her 2020 graduating class. She’s been training with Nicki Starry (Wisconsin DI player / York DIII coach) for 6 years, and has been coaching 10U softball for the past 3 summers. She intends to pursue a degree in criminal justice for a career in law enforcement, forensics or law, and dreams of playing for a highly competitive college softball team.

Academic Achievements/Honors/Clubs Athletic Achievements/Honors
2017 Top 10% of Class 2017 Top Defender Award, Varsity Field Hockey
2015 Victor of Virtue Award for Humility 2016 Middle Infielder Selection for Future All-American Games
2016 Grand Champion, STEM Fair 2015 Sparkler Jr. All-Star Team, Colorado
2016 Top Student, 9th grade Algebra I, as an 8th grader 2015-2017 Six MVP Awards, travel ball
2016-2018 First Honors Every Marking Period 2017 Starting 2nd Base for HS, named 1st team All-Star as freshman
2018 Top 10% of Class

1st in Geometry Award

2017 Direct Select for AAG Elite Futures All American games
2018 Nat’l Honor Society

Nat’l English Honor Society

Nat’l Math Honor Society

2018 1st team All-Star and Player of the Year, HS (.560 BA)

PRIMARY POSITIONS:  Short Stop, Center Field, Catcher, Utility.

Bats R, Slaps L, Throws R.   Bat Speed 73.6 mph, Blast Factor 72, pop time 1.8 sec, overhand velocity 58 mph, 20 yd 3.21 sec, 40 yd 5.82 sec, 60 yd 8.14, 5-10-5 4.99 sec, home-to-first 3.05 sec, home-to-home 11.5 sec.


INTENDED MAJORS / MINORS: Criminal Justice, Spanish, Forensics, Pre-Law…for a career in law enforcement, parole, probation, crime scene analysis, or law.

SAT/ACT:  tbd